OTTO Introduces the J4 Hall Effect Transducer

OTTO Introduces the New

J4 Hall Effect Transducer – Mini Joystick

OTTO’s J4 Hall effect transducer is a cost effective alternative to a strain gauge type transducer.

The J4 Hall effect transducer, like a strain gauge based transducer, converts an input force to a linear output voltage. However, the J4 is a cost effective alternative to a strain gauge type transducer. The J4 construction is rugged enough for the most demanding applications.


The J4’s shorter travel offers the benefit of minimal movement required for analog voltage output change. In addition, the J4 offers the benefit of a higher output voltage than a traditional strain gauge transducer with the same input voltage.


·     A cost effective alternative to strain gauge technology

·     Mini joystick function

·     5V DC input

·     Proven Hall effect technology

·     Magnetic shielding in case offers excellent external EMI protection

·     Rugged construction for demanding applications

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The J4 can be used for applications such as cursor control, target acquisition or any place precise input control is required. The J4’s short behind panel depth means it can be used in an OTTO grip or can be panel mounted.



Access to Samples:

The J4 Hall effect transducer has been released to production and limited samples are available now through our lending program for a maximum 3-week loan period.

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